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Family, Senior and Children's Photography in Colorado

Show off your unique personality & Style with incredible, vibrant images

Hi there! My name is Liv, (pronounced like the word leave) and I adore photographing children, high school seniors and families, to capture what makes them unique.

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High School Senior Portraits

Graduating high school is a milestone in everyone’s life. Let’s make it memorable by creating some images together that showcase you as your unique self. Casual, styled, silly or serious, we will capture you at your best!

Family Portraits

When was the last time you were all in pictures together? It is so important to capture your family through the years as you grow and evolve. Let’s create some stand-out images that bring you joy and make you smile each time you see them. Photos are priceless heirlooms for you now and for future generations!

Client Testimonials

"Liv Has an ability to capture precious moments that seem so fleeting...

within a single photo session. She is wonderful to work with, and incredibly patient. Wonderful with newborns and also my crazy kids. I highly recommend her!”

- Christina E.

"Tiny Dragon Photography is my go to for unique, personal, beautiful work.

Always a very natural flow when working with Liv. I love her work, her personality, and her wonderful way to capture a moment in time.”

- Maryann H.

"Liv is a fantastic photographer!

She’s done headshots, as well as childrens photos for us, and I’m so impressed with her work. She is professional, patient and has a great eye. Highly recommend!”

- Marta T.

Children & Tween Portraits

In the blink of an eye they go from needing us to help with every small thing to being able to do everything on their own and needing us for very little. Let’s capture your child as they are now and as they grow through the years!

Maternity & Newborn Photography

What a special time… While your baby is growing inside of you there is so much feeling and emotion stirring. As you plan and dream of your life once they arrive we should take a moment that is just for you. Let’s create some special and magical images for you to remember this time by…