Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Lifestyle Newborn Photography is one of my favorite styles. Since I started photographing people professionally I have loved capturing the first days of life of newborn babies. They are so squishy and cuddly and bring back so many fond memories from those fleeting days when my daughter was first born. Newborn photography is quite popular these days and I have done both studio and home versions of this kind of work. While I can bring portable gear to the homes of my clients to create a “studio” setting for them right there, I much prefer to capture them in their own environment and produce images that are of the “Lifestyle” version. It is undeniable that babies do look amazing wrapped in beautiful swaddles, in gorgeous baskets and wearing perfect headbands, but there is something so special about a simple photo of them in their crib or in the arms of their mother sitting in the nursery.

Recently I was asked to take photos for the third year in a row with this gorgeous family who just added a baby girl to the mix. I find that working in the comfort of the homes of my clients helps to create a comfortable and relaxed session. It is not hard to create simple and heart-felt images by simply working with what they have in their home. In this session we easily worked next to a window in their hallway that created beautiful light and then moved into the master bedroom to gather them all together. I suspect years from now when they look at these images they will appreciate that we mixed in the natural elements of their home.

I have the best job ever as I love watching families grow and helping them capture it through photography!



                            Lifetstyle Newborn Photography

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