Personal Branding & Online Dating Profiles

One of the biggest passions in my work as a photographer is helping people with their business, social media and online dating presence. I find that I get to know them closely in a different way than other kinds of sessions. Together we work to pull out their personality, endearing qualities and inner power to create the kind of imagery that suits their needs. It is such a blast!

Personal Branding sessions usually consist of the creation of a variety of images that showcase the person’s business and their personal traits and style. These can be used on their website, social media or marketing materials. This is definitely different from just a regular headshot session and much more involved. In either kind of session it is my job and goal to make my clients feel comfortable, confident and to showcase them in the best way possible. Many people feel they are not photogenic and I have a great time helping them leave the session feeling otherwise. Most of the time they tell me that I made it painless for them, and also that they had fun which is even better!

One of my biggest “wins” this year was in the creation of some images for a client’s online dating profile. We took his photos on a Monday, and I sent the finished versions of the ones he selected to him later that day. On Tuesday, he wrote to me saying that he had already posted the images online, and his inbox was full of messages from women interested in dating him, AND that he had already scheduled a date! I love this story and encourage anyone looking to improve their odds of getting dates online to work with a professional to create quality images. It makes a world of difference!



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