The World of Wedding Photography!

As I have been photographing people over the years I have often been asked if I do weddings. Well, the answer is that I have been avoiding them. They have always seemed like such a daunting task and with so much emotion (drama?) that could make any photographer want to avoid them. But the truth is, that I have done a couple of weddings and they have not only been fun and beautiful, but I have found that the emotion part of it is what make the photos so wonderful! So, maybe this year I will start to dabble in them a bit more…

Here are a few images from a recent wedding held at my clients family property in Evergreen, Colorado. Dani and Andrew, I wish you the best as you move forward as a newly married couple!



What a beautiful place to hold a wedding!


Bride and her father. Can you feel the pride?


This ceremony had a lot of character and laughter


Stunning couple!

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